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Risk Management
Executive & VIP Protection
Asset Protection
Kidnap & Ransom Avoidance / Management
Corporate Investigations

Electronic Counter Measures & IT Security
Technical Support

Exodus International specialises in mitigating the security threats that organisations and high-risk individuals face by providing effective and resilient solutions at a reasonable price.

Teamwork, effective communication and accountability form the basis of Exodus International’s management policy. Beginning with a thorough needs analysis, Exodus International can provide a comprehensive service in close partnership with the client to protect their interests. Strict confidentiality is assured at all times.

Risk Assessment / Security Surveys & Audits

Whilst human and material resources can be a company’s greatest assets, they can also be the company’s greatest risks. Some of the many internal and external dangers faced can be hard to identify and difficult to manage. Failure to recognise the risks or adopt preventative measures may have catastrophic consequences.

Theft of property, fraud, subterfuge and commercial intelligence gathering are common problems. Crimes, such as kidnap and ransom, assault, blackmail, harassment, work place violence, product contamination and industrial espionage, are also widespread, posing a serious risk to the operational efficiency, stability and morale of corporations, their management and employees.

The Risk Assessment conducted by Exodus International is designed to accurately assess vulnerabilities and analyse the potential risks posed to the client and the client’s interests. This normally involves a comprehensive survey and audit to examine the effectiveness of existing security measures and identify possible improvements.

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Executive & VIP Protection

Exodus International provides high calibre male and female Close Protection Officers (Bodyguards) that are fit, presentable, discreet and reliable. This includes former Special Forces and Police Royalty & Diplomatic Protection personnel. Regardless of backgrounds, all have been professionally trained to a high standard in the core competencies deemed necessary to effectively establish and maintain a safe environment within which the Principal(s) can live and work.

* Close Protection Officers (Bodyguards).
* Residence, Office and Hotel Security Teams.
* Courier and Overseas Travel Escorts.
* Close Protection Trained Chauffeurs.
* Security Advance Party.
* Special Events Security.
* Specialist Close Protection Equipment.

Close Protection Officers are available for short or longer-term assignments. Each individual is carefully selected to suit the client’s needs, thoroughly briefed and given pre-deployment training where required. Confidentiality agreements are signed as a matter of course and anyone subsequently considered unsuitable will be replaced at the earliest opportunity. A 24/7 communication link provides immediate backup support and quality control is exercised through regular client liaison.

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Asset Protection

Exodus International offers a single source of high quality consultancy, human resources and equipment to provide security for personnel, property and business interests. Whether it is providing total project management or acting in support of the client’s managerial staff, Exodus International can make an effective contribution.

* Risk Analysis.
* Contingency Planning and Business Recovery.
* Security Surveys and Audits.
* Staff Recruitment, Training and Management.
* Technical Protection Systems.
* Liaison with Local Authorities, Customs, Police and Military.
* Medical and Emergency Evacuation.

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Kidnap & Ransom Avoidance / Management

The abduction of tourists and workers for political or financial gain is on the increase throughout the world. Businesses also appreciate that it is not just their executives that may be at risk but those they hold dear, their spouse and children.

Kidnappers usually plan and prepare by gathering information and carrying out surveillance on their intended target. They may also test security measures and carryout a rehearsal. However, there are a number of pre-cautions and counter-measures that can be adopted.

* Avoidance Training
General guidance to potential targets, their families and domestic staff, close colleagues and friends.
* Profiling
Includes recording of details such as blood type and distinguishing marks, photographs, fingerprints and samples of DNA, hair, voice recordings and handwriting.
* Survival Techniques
How victims can react to avoid or limit injury and survive the ordeal. How to deal with post traumatic stress.
* Crisis Management
Best practice in managing a kidnap / hostage situation, based on case histories and kidnap / hostage methodology. How families can improve the chances of a successful outcome and minimise the effects of the incident, both on themselves and the victim, during and after the incident.
* Personal Support & Liaison
Support and assistance to the victim’s family, for reassurance, advice and liaison with the investigating authorities, to prevent misunderstandings and ensure the best interests of the client are fully served.

In addition to awareness training and contingency planning, Exodus International can provide an appropriate response team to successfully manage the crisis on behalf of the client.

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Corporate Investigations

Whether it is to conduct in-house investigations to combat fraud or industrial espionage, recover stolen assets or simply gather information for the management decision making process, Exodus International have the necessary resources at its disposal to provide a comprehensive service and brings many benefits to the client.

* Alleviates Resentment from Colleagues and Staff.
* Avoids Accusations of Prejudice.
* Cost Effective.
* Investigation Remains Focused.
* Secrecy Where Required.
* Guaranteed Objectivity and Confidentiality.

Experienced investigators and surveillance specialists can be deployed anywhere in the world, supported with the latest technology and services, including forensic analysis and other scientific methods. All assignments culminate in clear and detailed written reports.

* Investigation of Security Breeches.
* Employee Screening and Vetting.
* Marital Checks.
* Accident Examination.
* Financial Claims Scrutiny.
* Anti-Poaching.
* Stalker Management.
* Asset Tracing.
* Technical Surveillance and Counter Surveillance.
* Evidence Gathering.
* Staff Interviews.

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Electronic Counter Measures & IT Security

Domestic and commercial use of electronic voice, image and data surveillance devices is rife. Competitors, activists, journalists, private and government investigators, people with a personal grudge, disloyal staff, malicious hackers and professional criminals will often use technology to achieve their aim. Intellectual property is particularly at risk.

Most businesses realise the risks involved in using communication systems, computers and other technology but all too often they are assumed to be technical issues that can be easily overcome by implementing technical solutions. However, this is not always the case. Effective IT security should also encompass paper, electronic media, telephone conversations and intellectual property. It involves people, operational and business processes, culture, physical issues and legal and regulatory concerns. Organisations that wish to build secure infrastructures should embrace both the human and technical dimensions of information security and develop a properly funded strategy to combat security breaches.

Exodus International provides specialists in electronic counter-surveillance and IT security. They have state of the art detection equipment and some of the technicians learnt their trade working for Government intelligence and military agencies. Electronic examinations and the physical searches conducted are extremely thorough. These are usually carried out during silent hours and in secrecy. Tamper proof seals are used and electronic mapping profiles recorded to aide future sweeps.

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Technical Support

The technical support services provided by Exodus International are varied and utilises the latest technology and techniques. In addition to in-house and consultant experts, full use is made of Government and commercial scientific laboratories.

* Electronic Counter Measures.
* IT Security.
* Data Recovery.
* Secure Communications.
* Tracking and Direction Finding.
* Conventional and IP CCTV.
* Photographic, Video and Audio Surveillance.
* Evidence Handling and Processing.
* Forensic Examination.
* DNA Profiling.
* Drug Testing.
* Document Examination.
* Audiovisual Digital Enhancement and Analysis.

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